Living in Bossier City Is A Wonderful Experience

Living in Bossier City Is A Wonderful Experience

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living in Bossier cityIf you are moving into or living in Bossier City in Bossier Parish, a suburb of Shreveport, Louisiana, US then you’ve made the right choice. It is one of the best places to live in Louisiana and welcomes plenty of new residents every year. There are lots of new homes being built every year, so it wouldn’t be a tough call to find houses for sale Bossier City la at all.

More about Bossier City 

Presently, Bossier City is a growing community with more than 62000 residents already. The city is pretty ideal for quiet living too with little or no crime incidents and is considered one of the safest for families. There are many military families who live in various communities within the neighborhood. The amount of support extended to the military families is overwhelming here, the residents themselves are supportive and always ready to step up and assist whenever the families need them.

If you are planning to move in to Bossier City with your children, then would also have a great time interacting with these military families.

The economy also makes it attractive 

The economy of Bossier City is very good with excellent employment rate and job vacancies. If you are looking to settle here and have a good job, then it is highly likely that you will get it. If you examine the economy of Bossier, you can see that the city has weathered a downfall of the oil and gas industry and saw a huge growth in the goods and manufacturing industry. This diversity of economy has made Bossier to grow out of recession with very less repercussions.

Homes for sale in Bossier City 

If you are looking for houses for sale Bossier City la, then a local real estate agent would help you find one. There are all kinds of homes available for sale, spread across the various communities. The average listing home for a home in Bossier City is $143,764, which is 20% below Louisiana average and 42% National average. This alone is proof enough why you should settle down in the city; very affordable homes for sale. In 2016 alone, about 657 homes were sold for a median price of $126,000.

Quick facts about Bossier City

  • The top industries in the city are Military, retail and food services.
  • Accommodation services are pretty good in Bossier.
  • To fly, you can head 10 miles to Shreveport Regional airport.
  • The commuting time for work is usually 18 minutes.
  • People use their cars to commute while a good percentage of them use the bus, ride their bike or walk.
  • Schools in the city like Airline High School, Elm Grove Middle School, Curtis Elementary School, Bossier High School, Parkway High School, etc.


Bossier City is a good place to live with excellent quality of life and a plethora of cultural events from time to time. All you need to do is step into the banks of the beautiful Red River and you can enjoy an evening of fun in the city. Bossier City has a lot of inexhaustible options for you whether it is to raise a family or settle for retired living.

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